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Working with Tas Stockfeed

Get the best out of your livestock's feeding program by working with Tasmanian Stockfeed Services. Whatever your feeding requirements, we can work closely with you (and your nutritional advisor) to develop the optimal feed program for your needs.

We are committed to the development of the Tasmanian farming community and know that local representatives with local knowledge are the best people to deliver reliable advice.

At Tasmanian Stockfeed Services we offer a custom made rolled grain mix and pellet service. With assistance from our trained staff we will develop the perfect mix for your farm.

Tasmanian Stockfeed Services has a nutrition and sales team to help you achieve your desired feed outcome. We specialise in seasonal feed requirements and ration formulation to suit the individual needs of your farm business.

If you need nutritional assistance, Tasmanian Stockfeed Services can work with you to meet and maximise your feeding requirements.

We have a full team of experts on the ground in Tasmania and on the mainland. Daniel Goss, Stacey Moynihan, Matthew Crane, Nigel Pedley and Kamilla Breinhild from Scibus who consults for us.

Tasmanian Feedtest Services offers local and personal service to sellers and purchasers of stockfeed. Laboratory testing of stock feed sources is a necessary step in determining the actual quality and nutritional value of stockfeed being offered to stock or considered for purchase. We test a massive range of feeds including grass, hay, silage, pellets, grains, and more.

>> Visit our Tasmanian Feedtest Services website

At Tasmanian Stockfeed Services we offer a range of packaging options:

- Bulk, 5 to 37 tonnes (approx.)

- Bulk Bags, 1 tonne (approx.)

- Bagged, 25kg bags by the tonne

At Tasmanian Stockfeed Services we offer a prompt delivery service to your farm, at competitive rates. We will deliver to anywhere in Tasmania. Grain can be blown into silos if required.

At Tasmanian Stockfeed Services we offer a grain warehousing service for Tasmanian farmers. If you grow stockfeed or grain and need to store it somewhere before you are ready to use it, Tasmanian Stockfeed Services will warehouse it for you and have it ready for you to collect or will deliver it when you require it.



Daniel Goss
0407 170 296

Nigel Pedley
0438 131 565

Matthew Crane
0409 660 074